The essence of My Spirit in man is to accelerate his mortal body to meet up with My purpose concerning His life. My WATER shed has been poured. My power emanates from unusual vessels. It isn’t on billboards and posters.You won’t regard them as those you already knew. They are mine for my Spirit resides in them.

Their mouths are filled with fire. They devour any structure that comes their way.  They burn down, tear down, pull down and scatter troops by just a word.  They are anointed for this mission. They are a rare breed. Their time is now.

They are EMERGING. They carry the torch. The MANTLES of their FATHERS combined. They usually won’t speak the language you would understand. They that walk in the Spirit will understand their ways. For as the wind, they are incomprehensible.

They are carriers of glory and power yet to be seen. They are attackers. Forces I have withheld for this season. Many have prayed unto me for these ones. They are few in number, yet mighty in wonders. For by their hands I will draw thousands unto Me.

They won’t break their RANKS. They shall walk in order and dignity. For my Spirit shall sustain them. Woe unto them who despise and avail themselves to be used to speak against them. It is DANGEROUS to speak against the GLORIFIED ones in the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord is their fountain. They never run dry. They exhume glory and power.

Look to the east. Their souls are WAILING, CALLING and PRAYING on their knees and standing. But their prayers are not coming to My ALTAR. The prayers of my people are not from a contrite heart. Nothing pleases me except it’s inspired by the SPIRIT. Many have sought to drink from this fountain of everlasting water.

Quench your THIRST for once. You only need a sip. Get drunk in the SPIRIT, since the true nature of man is his Spirit. For the flesh profits nothing.

Do not despise this season. WATCH and PRAY – PRAY and no PLAY. My children play too much when they should be praying. Hours wasted yet no petition nor supplication come before My altar, because they pray amise. I taught you how to pray in My word.  “Our Father… “. The curtains have been brought down. You can now step into My tabernacle without restrictions. For the BLOOD has sanctified you.

Seek My SPIRIT; be filled, be controlled, be led, be taught, be guided, be counselled, be empowered, be endued, be straightened. Else you’ll miss your path to Me.

For they that are led by My SPIRIT are worthy to be called My sons and daughters. They yield to My voice and promptings.

They grieve not My SPIRIT.  For that I Am unloading My ARMY of the last days. Soon the doors shall be shut.  Respond to the call or be hanged up. The time for the door to be shut to the foolish virgins is neigh, so be wise.

I speak to the seasons and speak to My sons and daughters to open their eyes and transform their minds for I speak ones and my words shall not come back to me void.

Be awake, PRAY and  no PLAY. The clouds are brighter for the glory is heavier on earth ready to fill my temple.

This is your season to EMERGE. Congratulations!

Winston Tackie is a Spirited author whose writings are prophetically inspired to awaken the saints to understand the times and seasons before the coming of Christ.  He emphasizes on the need for all Christians to be filled with the Spirit for life without the Spirit is a disaster in waiting.  

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