Official video of “Oh oh oh oh…Meyi W’aye” song has finally being released

The Levite, Enoch Fletcher Narh, the original composer  of “oh oh oh oh Meyi W’aye” song has finally launched the official video in Accra.

‘Meyi-W’aye’ was released in the year 2003 and has automatically been endorsed by many churches in Ghana using it as their worship song.

The official video was packed and shot in Ghana by Enoch Fletcher ministry in collaboration with Damilare Emmanuel Film and Talent Dome Records in the United States.

The video was officially launched in Accra to encourage people who were going through some pains and other challenges to continue to trust in the Lord.

The song, written and composed by the talented artist, Fletcher, has lost its origin as most musicians had taken over as owners and moulding it in their own style and in different dimension.

The launch brought together several gospel artist like Mary Ghansah, S.P Kofi Sarpong and Diana Hopeson

S.P Kofi Sarpong with his “boboobo” dance kept audience on their feet, dancing happily to his great performance.

Mary Ghansah and Diana Hopeson kept emotional worshipers in tears with their sweet melodious voice.

In an exclusive interview with, Fletcher Narh disclosed that he is not happy that, many musicians have taken his original song and do not give him credit for that.

According to Fletcher, it was unfortunate as many people including some churches and musicians sing the song but had lost track of its originator.

He said, “Meyi waye” came in for people to know that, no matter what happens, in any situation, God must be seen as the ultimate”

“Continue to worship God and don’t give up on him, not matter, how hard the situation looks”, he urged.

Recounting his ordeal before releasing the song, he said, “mosquitos kept biting me because where I use to sleep in the night was horrible, however, I refused to give up but kept trusting in God.”

“Coming out with the song was not easy for me, lot of people gave up on me, there was no help, I relied only on God for his prophecy concerning my life to come to pass.”

“So that is why, I am not going to stop worshiping him, until the whole world accept and sees him as God”, he stated.

The official video is dedicated to Fletcher’s daughter, Zamora Fletcer-Narh and his three siblings for their support.

Fletcher is a Ghanaian based American gospel artist with more than 46 songs to his credit.

The Levite is also an Evangelist, youth development leader, entrepreneur, motivational writer and speaker.

He is the third born of Rev Stephen Narh of the All Nation Mission Church.

Some of his hits trucks includes, “Woni Ma’di Nyinaa, (meaning,You Are My All In All)’ I command my hands to praise the Lord, Jesus be too much, Revival of worship in America and My daddy.”