Oh Lord! Light My Candle.

Sometimes even though the inward witness is there, people don’t recognize it.
For example, I would be praying in tongues about the Sunday morning services in the church I was pastoring, and a burden for the church I had previously pastored would rise up in me. (Remember, when we pray in tongues, our spirit prays, and the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord.)

“For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness” (Ps. 18:28).
That kept happening. After about thirty days, I said, “Lord, are You talking to me about going back there? If so, talk to my wife about it too.”

One morning I said to Oretha, “Honey, if the Lord says anything to you, let me know.” Then I waited another thirty days before I asked her, “Has the Lord been talking to you?”

She said, “If He has, I don’t know it.”
I got a little more specific about it. “Has the Lord said anything to you about going back to _________?”
“Oh,” she said. “I thought that was just me.”

Let’s analyze that statement. When she said “me,” if she meant the flesh, that wouldn’t be right. But if she meant the real “me” – the man on the inside, which is the candle of the Lord – then it wasn’t just her.
It was the Lord lighting the candle!

Confession: The Lord my God lights my candle. He enlightens me.

 By Kenneth E. Hagin.