OJ advises celebrities to set good examples for their fans

Ghanaian Gospel Musician, OJ has revealed that, some celebrities are disobedient because they are mostly surrounded by deceivers.

According to him, most celebrities are being measured by fame and have failed to listen to words of wisdom. They prefer associating with people who will hail to their deviant actions.

In a Facebook live video, he said, “We shouldn’t take our celebrity life into homes… You need to have someone who can boldly caution you. I have people in my life who can sit me down and tell me ‘this is good, this is bad’. Never allow fame to control you. If you allow fame to control you, you lose control of yourself. Any celebrity who is going wayward is surrounded by bootlickers. You may be richer than them so they can’t advise you. But wisdom has nothing to do with money”

“If you are a celebrity, people look up to you so we should be mindful of the decisions we take. Age and life will teach you to be sober. You’d wish some of your actions could be reversed but it’d be too late. It’d be very painful. When taking a decision, we should be careful for the sake of our children and those who look up to us… Get someone who can straighten you up so you stand out and excel.

OJ further cautioned celebrities to live a life worthy of imitation as they serve as role models. He advised that any decisions they take would have concerns on their lives which could be irreversible.

“I have a philosophy that we don’t swallow fame; we inhale it. Never ever swallow fame. If you do, you deceive your own self and you appear to your own self as a superhuman. The reason why a lot of people become famous and allow fame to control them is the person did not prepare for the fame; it just hit them,” he said.

Currently, OJ has four albums; ‘Obi Nya Waye’ (2002), ‘Etesen’ (2006), ‘Nokwafo’ (2013) and Oboafo (2016) to his credit. He has been able to obtain a position for himself in Ghana’s music industry as one with inspirational songs and incredible song writing ability.