On Earth as It Is in Heaven Pt 1 By Myles Munroe

Jesus taught His followers to pray, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:9-10). With these words, He was calling on His Father to once again restore His Kingdom rule and culture on Earth as it had always been in Heaven—and as it had been in Eden at the beginning. What was God’s Kingdom on Earth like? What was life like in Heaven’s earthly outpost, God’s “Garden colony” on Earth?
Essentially, Eden was a direct reflection in the natural realm of Heaven in the supernatural realm. For one thing, it had land—territory. Every kingdom must have territory, for without territory there is nothing for a king to rule over. Although invisible, the supernatural realm of Heaven is vast and infinite— much larger than the natural realm visible to human eyes. Eden was a physical realm with physical territory. That is why God did not create man first. He created the Earth first so that man would have territory to rule. Adam and Eve ruled Eden and the entire created order, just as God ruled in Heaven.
Second, Eden shared a common language with Heaven. Any nation or kingdom needs a common language or else it will begin to lose national and social cohesion. Adam and Eve shared a common language with their Creator. They conversed openly and easily with Him in a completely transparent relationship and always knew exactly what He expected. All that changed when the pretender took over. Even though all humans spoke a common language with one another for many centuries—until God confused their speech at the Tower of Babel (see Gen. 11:1-9)—they lost their ability to understand and speak God’s language, the language of Heaven. That is why, when we are outside the Kingdom, we do not understand what God says and no longer know what He expects. One characteristic of Kingdom life is that we can speak and understand the language of the Kingdom in a way that those outside the Kingdom cannot.
Eden also shared the laws and constitution of Heaven. These were not written down anywhere, because God had inscribed them on the hearts and minds of the human couple He had created. They knew what He expected and demanded. They understood how He wanted them to live and what He wanted them to do. God’s instructions were simple: Be fruitful, multiply, fill the Earth, and subdue it. He placed only one restriction on their activities, and it was for their protection:
“You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die” (Gen. 2:16-17).
Aside from this one prohibition, they were completely free. In the beginning, Eden operated under Heaven’s moral code. Every nation must have a moral code, or else the people will become a law unto themselves and do whatever they want, resulting in chaos, disorder, and anarchy. At first, Adam and Eve had no consciousness of a moral code; they lived in perfect harmony with God. There was no lying, or stealing, or murder, or sexual immorality, or any other corrupt behavior that characterizes life in a fallen world. However, when the pretender’s trickery and deceit led them to disobey God’s one restriction, they discovered immediately the full weight of the Kingdom’s moral code as it pressed down on them, producing a deep sense of guilt and shame.
Eden and Heaven also shared common values. Part of being a citizen of any nation is agreeing with the expressed values of that nation. In the Kingdom of Heaven, the most important value is obedience to the will of the King. Through their disobedience, Adam and Eve revealed that they no longer shared the King’s values, which is why they had to leave the Garden. The disobedience of Adam and Eve violated not only the Kingdom’s moral code, but also its customs and social norms. All nations and kingdoms have customs (unwritten codes of conduct and expectations that have become so ingrained in a people’s consciousness that they take on the force of law). They also have social norms (the manners, etiquette, graces, and standards of behavior that are regarded as normative for that society). Violation of those norms causes one to be labeled as “anti-social,” and sometimes even as “criminal.” In the Kingdom of Heaven, the King’s word is law, and it encompasses both customs and social norms. It is absolute and inviolable. Defiance of the King is not tolerated. Lucifer (satan) and one-third of the angels in Heaven discovered this the hard way when they mounted a coup against the King and were cast out of Heaven for their trouble. Adam and Eve made the same discovery when they found themselves banished from paradise.
In short, as an outpost of Heaven on Earth, the Garden-colony of Eden displayed the culture of Heaven. Culture is the culmination of all these elements: land, language, laws, constitution, moral codes, shared values, customs, and social norms. Culture defines a people. It is inherent; it comes naturally, which is exactly what God wants for His Kingdom citizens. He doesn’t want us to strive to obey laws written on stone tablets or laid down in books. He wants to write them in our minds and in our hearts so that they will become second nature to us. That way, we won’t have to think about living the Kingdom culture; we will simply do it.
-Reclaiming God’s original purpose for your Life