Opinion: I miss the old gospel music

I am a lover of gospel music because I sing in church myself. I remember when I use to enjoy the type of gospel songs they play on air every Saturday and Sunday morning- it charged my spiritual life.

I remember at age 10, I had a ‘special book’ I wrote all my gospel songs in there and I would study them like I would study my science or Social studies notes.

What inspired me to write the songs was the word of God, the message that are delivered by men of God and also the things that happen around me or the problems I go through.

I realised that, music is a spirit to the soul. It comfort, motivate, inspire, and encourages, consoles and even help to express your emotions.

In those days, gospel songs were very powerful compared to this day’s gospel songs which has no power or message attached.

Gospel musicians of late do not concentrate on their lyrics but rather showing of their flashy cars, beautiful fashion dresses, hairs, mansion and the wealth they have acquired.

Their songs do not carry any message to the public but rather to entertain them to attain the attention.

Their focus on winning souls through their God given talent has been shifted to pleasing people in other to be accepted by the society to reward them with a ransom amount of money.

It saddens me that, most of this old gospel songs are irrelevant and the artist are even nowhere to be found, the few we see around are not active.

In my opinion, if this old gospel artist can help bring all the gospel artist both new and old together perhaps to form an association to help educate and educate them on how to avoid competing with the worldly musicians.

There are so many ways to preach the word of God through songs and to gain the attention of the society.