‘Orphans Day Out’ Organized By Orphans Cake Foundation -2nd April 2016

Orphans Cake Foundation

Orphans Cake Foundation (OCF) is an orphan-centered NGO registered under the Ghana Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) working with a priority of transforming the lives of orphans using Design Thinking Methodology to efficiently plan and execute advocacy and edutainment projects to transform the lives of orphans and their care-givers.


Over the three year period the Foundation has been in existence, it has formulated a series of annual projects for fifteen homes, i.e Rising Star Home, Village of Hope, Christ Foster Home, Orphanaid, Nectar Foundation, SOS (Asiakwa), Good Shepherd, Mums Care, St. Anns Home, Tina Care, Helping Hand, Ghana make a difference, Jehovah Rapha Foundation, Marcoff Foundation and Hour of Grace Home.

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OCF has transformed one thousand and eighty five (1085) lives through career counseling programs, provision of personal needs and fun-filled activities.


The Orphans Day Out is to give opportunity to orphans to interact, learn and have fun. The aim of OCF is to educate minds and transform lives.

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OCF has organized many such programs for orphans all aimed at transforming the lives of orphans and to give them a sense of belonging.

All are welcomed to join this life transforming project.

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A few projects organized by OCF:

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