Never Mess With Otumfuo Osei Tutu II! Here’s Why

otumfuo osei tutu II
The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has reiterated that he does not meddle in politics but only interested in helping the government in office develop the country.
According to the Asante King, he is neither a member nor an appendage of a particular group of people but interested in the well-being of every Ghanaian and the advancement of the country.
The Asantehene made this known when he addressed a delegation from the Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network who paid a courtesy call on him at his Manhyia Palace on Wednesday.
The visit was to solicit the blessing of the Asante King ahead of the launch of the EIB Elections Hub which will be launched in Kumasi next Friday.
The Asantehene stated that he had served under four different Presidents – Rawlings, Kufuor, Mills, Mahama – and had helped all of them to contribute their quota to the development and stability of the country.
“I work only with the government in power, what I know is that if Ghanaians vote and elect a new leader, he is the one I have to help make Ghana progress. I would privately give him advice on what is good and bad, if he takes it or rejects the advice that is up to him.
“I have seen four different presidents during my reign and I have advised and worked with all of them in the interest of Ghana. Even opposition members come to seek my counsel but we must all know that Ghana is bigger than everybody.
“What we all need is employment, agriculture, health, water, electricity, education and things that will improve our livelihood, that is my priority,” the Asantehene said.
Who Is The Asantehene?
The Asantehene is the absolute monarch of the Kingdom of Ashanti and Ashantiland and of the Ashanti (or Asante) people’s ethnic group. The Ashanti royal house traces its line to the Oyoko (an Abusua, meaning ‘clan’) Abohyen Dynasty of Nana Twum and the Beretuo Dynasty of Osei Tutu Opemsoo, who formed the Empire of Ashanti in 1701 and was crowned Asantehene (King of all Ashanti). Osei Tutu held the Ashanti throne until his death in battle in 1717, and was the sixth king in Asante royal history.
The Asantehene is the ruler of the Ashanti people ethnic group and the Kingdom of Ashanti and Ashantiland the homeland of the Ashanti people ethnic group, historically a position of great power. The Asantehene is traditionally enthroned on a golden stool known as the Sika ‘dwa, and the office is sometimes referred to by this name. The Asantehene is also the titular ruler of Kumasi, capital of Ashanti. The Asante state, or Asanteman (also known as the Kingdom of Ashanti, Ashantiland, Ashanti and Asante, Empire of Ashanti or Ashanti Confederacy), comprises the Ashanti region. The Ashanti Empire and Confederacy comprised part of present-day Ashantiland (southern Ghana) and portions of present-day eastern Côte d’Ivoire between the 17th and 20th centuries.
The current Asantehene is Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, born Nana Kwaku Dua, who ascended as the 16th Asante king in April 1999. Osei Tutu II was one of seven descendants who were eligible to the heir presumptive.
The Asantehene is also automatically the lifetime patron of the Kumasi Asante Kotoko Football Club.
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II
Osei Tutu II (Otumfuo Osei Tutu, born 6 May 1950), is the 16th Asantehene, ruler of Ashanti and Ashantiland and the Empire of Ashanti, absolute monarch and head of the Ashanti royal House of Oyoko, Emperor of Ashanti and Ashanti Empire and the Ashanti people in Ashanti.[2] Emperor Osei Tutu ascended the Ashanti Monarchy Golden Stool (Throne) on 26 April 1999. By name, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is in direct succession to the founder of the Empire of Ashanti, Otumfuo Osei Tutu I.
Note: Otumfuo means Emperor in English