Parenting Teenagers and Earning Their Respect By David Burrows

Parents must communicate.

There is no excuse for not communicating with your teenagers, and here I mean two-way communication. Every parent-teen relationship needs a forum in which conflicts may be resolved. Also, parents should learn to say, “We’re sorry” when they are wrong and to forgive when necessary. Forgiveness gets rid of bitterness.

Parents must take the idealism of youth and help it merge with realism. Youths ask many questions, and parents need to help them find the answers. Parents don’t need to tell teens not to ask the questions. Punishment is not an appropriate way for parents to escape their parental responsibility of face-to-face communication.


Parents must prepare teenagers for the future.

Believe it or not, children are only supposed to be with their parents for a period of time. Children are born to leave home. A parent’s job is to prepare their children to leave home. The best parents are the ones whose children are well-prepared to live outside the confines of their home.
As teens grow, they should progressively be given more responsibility and encouraged to start their own lives by planning for the future. The worst thing for a young person who is “mommy’s boy” or “daddy’s girl” is to get married and expect to have the same experiences as in the parents’ home. When that doesn’t happen, the young person may run back home to daddy or mommy.

Parents should not smother young people or prepare them to stay in their house forever. Parents need to learn to commit their children to God. After parents have done what they should and could, there is nothing left for them to do. Parents must exercise wisdom, but remember to let the children go after you have done your best and keep praying for them. Parents must remember that approximately 80 percent of teen learning comes from visual observations.

Teens often don’t listen to what we say, but you can be sure that they are watching our lives!


-Kingdom Parenting (Connecting Principles)