3 Unexpected Ways Pastor Mensah Otabil Sermons On Marriage Can Make Your Life Better

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Pastor Mensah Otabil Sermons On Marriage – We bring you the 3 Unexpected Ways Pastor Mensah Otabil Sermons On Marriage Can Make Your Life Better


Sex is not a basis for marriage. You can have the best sex but the worst marriage.
Marriage is not fun but Hard work
Your wife is your helpmeet, someone to help you not someone to boss over
Marriage is not primarily to have children. Children are a by product of marriage not the reason to marry

Most marriage problems arise because of not understanding that;
1. The man and woman were not created together (the man was formed before the woman)
2. The man and woman are not created physically the same (The man has a greater body mass)
3. The man and woman were created to be part of each other
For marriage to work:
1. Understand the differences between men and women
The differences here mainly have to do with the way God designed them to produce.
Men are the giver of Seed and are more external
Women are the developer of seed and are more internal. Women incubate, not just seed but everything else. They take what you give to them and give it back to you.
2. Understand how men and women respond to each other
The way men respond to women is different from how men respond to women.  Because of the basic makeup of men, they are easily physically attracted and aroused. With women, it takes time. When a man meets a woman, he thinks sex, she thinks love. When they are alone together, he thinks ‘lets go to bed’ she thinks ‘lets sit down and talk’.
3. Understand how to respond to Issues
Men like challenges, women, not so much
The interests of men and women are different. When it comes to solving problems, most men solve their problems by not talking. On the other hand, most women solve their problems by talking it out.

In Summary:

1. God created marriage for man and woman to share life together (you can’t be selfish in marriage)
In marriage, sharing is vital. Love is meant to be shared, but in order to share love you must have love. What you have, is what you share.
2. The purpose of marriage is to support one another
Support in marriage is husband and wife supplying the needs of each other and not one taking care of the other
3. For honour
Honour is very important, it is about respect. In marriage, you give honour and you receive honour. You don’t get into marriage to disgrace each other.
Word of Advice:
Don’t marry anyone you can’t honour, support and share what you have with.