[POEM] Allow Yourself To Fight.

On the days I feel like giving up, on the days I feel like I have stepped into a big puddle, I read this wisdom that Sometimes, things don’t work out exactly as planned – but if you trust in God in the cycle of the seasons, you know that in the long term you will reap the harvest you have sown. These words encourage me to keep going, to not to quit. Sometimes it just takes time to achieve the goals you are working towards. And we all have setbacks as we move toward achieving our goals. We cannot let these setbacks or challenges stop us. Keep moving forward!

Allow Yourself To Fight.

There are some days you may feel,
As if things just aren’t going right.
No amount of attempts to avoid,
You step into the big mud puddle despite!

On these days to give up would be easy,
You’d like to just walk away.
And sometimes taking a step back,
May be exactly the right way.

But at a point you’ll have to decide,
If you’re going to let them win.
This is the time that you’ll look deep inside,
And see if you have it within.

When you are ready to take the next step,
And show that you are ready to fight.
Avoid what you can and it’s okay if you can’t,
Cause know matter what, you’ll be all right.

Poet: Julie Hebert.