[POEM] Angels Among Us!

Let’s not grow weary in doing good.

Let’s not expect immediate returns for our good deeds.

Most people are not what the eye sees.

There’re angels among us.

The bread you give to the hungry stranger might mean nothing today.

The old lady you assist to cross the street might not mean much today.

The good you do to those who have no means of repaying your kind gesture today might seem costly.

But let’s soldier on in doing good.

For the Good Book says,

“He who gives unto the poor,

Lends unto the Lord,

And He will give him his reward.”

This world is not all physical.

There’re angels among us.

Everybody needs somebody.

So let’s invest in people,

For we might not know when or how the reward may come.

It could be in your era,

It could be that of your unborn generations.

There’re angels among us.

So let’s just do good.

Written by: Dextro