[POEM] Cush!

Odysseys alive in narration!

Liberation song!

Melodies of our ancestors

Upon the fiery seas of time,

I hear deep within my heart

Beneath the billowing seas

Lilting and lulling with ships of wickedness

Binding fellow men with chains;

But not their brave hearts.

Unwished appellations in limn,

Labeling and tattoos unnecessary,

Mocking and heckling peers in nudity.

In antiquity’s solitude,

History is tainted with calumny,

Veneered with specious philosophies,

All for man’s selfish gain.

Seychelles islands, the Americas, the West Indies!

-Rhapsodies of great toil and dear sacrifices.

What precious blood have you not been bathed with?


Have you forgotten about Nimrod?

Your son, the first mighty man on earth?

Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before Jah.

The builders of great cities, pioneers of civilization,

And champions of world peace…

Whose lives were poured out for us all;

Irrespective of color or breed.

Why the ‘N’ word for a comrade?

Why be disparaged, dear African?

Have you forgotten your roots?

From the great Cush;

Grandson of Noah, son of Ham

And brother to Egypt, Put and Canaan?

It’s true dad once failed to do the right thing.

Yet history does not record we are accursed.

Hear the cries of Babel, Erech, Accad,

Calneh, in the land of Shinar,

Assyria, Nineveh, Rehoboth-Ir, Calah,

And the great city, Resen.

Though time might have effaced our memories,

This testimony stands sure

For Jah is the witness.

Nevertheless, count it no small thing

That we are all of one blood,

One father, and Jah.

For there is neither black nor white,

Slave nor free, male nor female,

Greek nor Jew, better nor worse,

In Christ, the only true way to Jah.

We are all heirs according to promise.

Next to God in rank,

Rulers of ten kingdoms.

Yes! We will be fruitful,

Multiply and fill the earth,

And subdue it,

Ruling over the earth, seas, and heavens.

Written by: Emmanuel Boakye-Yiadom