Ajesh! Ouch! Aouch! Help! Help! Help!

Who can save me now?

O! Lord, please help me.

Eish! Charlie, where I go fit hide?

What can quench my thirst?

Life dey whip me waa…

I’m very hungry;

Not for food, not for money, not for fame.

You seem not to comprehend

The intensity and depths of such seemingly endless heats,

The sapping of my strength by life’s perpetual drought,

The withering of my supposed purpose on Earth

As the clock hurriedly ticks away

And my shadow waits to disappear.


Ah! A living memory rekindles my dormant past-

Portraits of my hustles and bustles,

From my cultural-etched roots,

Through my artless and guileful childhood plays,

Weaved with the tapestry of my journeys far and near,

Hemmed in by my Christian upbringing and latitude.

My parched soul yearns

For an emerging on the bright shore,

For a gratifying and welcoming hug.

Upon tugs of tide,

Through jagged crevices in rocks

And life’s pounding surfs,

My almost worn-out eyelids feebly open,

But to see only a mirage

Of my grasping of debris floating.

Oh, such phantasms!

How often they cross my path.

I reminisce refreshing moments

Where dying embers of my will

Hoping to assuage tumultuous storms irritating my success,

Resuscitated and resulted in my veins forming columns of determination,

Vehemently wrestling with malignant forces in unknown spheres,

But became as of a sheep’s straw breaking a camel’s back.

Where have I not been yet?

Which lands am I a stranger in?

Ask me any question in academia,

And you will be convinced

None has escaped my study.

Talk of experiences

And I have those

Words cannot utterly suffice to describe.

But one cool evening

As the clouds raced each other across the darkening sky,

I came to a halt

Seeking a respite,

To listen to the winds whispering their secrets to the trees,

As my throbbing heart continued beating with timeless patience.

And, Eureka!

Yes! I found it,

And I knew candidly my now distant future

Will no more be a dream for all eternity.

Yes! I discovered it-that which would give me satisfaction.

Solace! Yes, Utopia! Perfect bliss!

There it humbly lay,

In the preserved ancient manuscripts,

In the Holy Scriptures breathed by Jehovah God Himself-

Best regards, Emmanuel