[POEM] Go Kings!

The original intention of God is for man to have domination over creation

Sin attempted a destruction of this function

So what’s God’s intention?

The plan is to reverse this sin action

Jesus was sent with the purpose and permission

To enforce through His blood liberation

He went into depths to bring me on heights through redemption

Wow! What a spectacle! A sinner now in manifestation

See, the sting of death has been brought into demolition

Hail the kingdom of the devil is in commotion

Behold, I now carry greatness calling for recognition

I salute to Word submission

My mandate is an instruction

My vision has changed

I will not worry and never be sorry

I’m no longer at the junction of life where I’m moved by the articles of newspapers

But by the oracles of Word

I’m now a man under authority

With such Word density

Everything under my peck and call including gravity

Ready to perform with humility

I’m a king raised to superiority


Written by: Rev Benjamin Asare (COP Kokofu)