[Poem] God Loves!

The light in my darkness
You are my beacon of hope
All you take away is pain
And all you give is comfort and love

You sent your son to die for me
I sinned and you forgave me
I sin and you forgive me
I will sin and you will forgive me

I pray and you answer me
Never will you hate
Never will you lie
Always will you love

Let me live in you
Help me see your light
Be the wonderful God I worship
Never will you betray me

You test me
I mess up but never do you judge me
Your actions come from love
And you are the definition of love

You drew up the heavens and earth
Every day you create new things
The universe is yours
And so is the sky

I Testify my faith now
In this free verse I write
In your name I pray
And in you I praise

By William Reichle