[Poem] God’s Revelation

God gives each of us all we need
The capacity to speak and to sow our seeds..

God reveals itself within the fullness of earth
In a little green sprout and value in human worth.

To ask for fairness and just be kind
Live a golden rule and the giver will bless the time.

Children are more than an earthly joy
Continuity and extension of either a girl or boy.

The creator is before, during and at the end of each day
To hear us speak for comfort and guidance in what we say.

God is not preferential nor for one over another
The creator’s family is of children and sister and brother.

It is by individual free will and choice that we humans relate
To be fair and kind to others for it is not too late.

God’s desire for us is the same for them called we
An earth of joyous promise for all our children to be free.

The creator’s thought has no animosity only to enfold
Children to be the authors of; ‘earth’s story now can be told’.

Poem by AHO Speaks