[POEM] Heaven; I Need A Hug!

Retired to bed with a burdened heart.

Awoke to a wonderful morning with a weary mind.

The sun keeps rising in the mornings.

But within me are constant sunsets.

The birds are whispering your glory.

The cocks are crowing to thank You for a brand new day.

Yet a human like me can hardly do same.

Your praises abound in my heart,

Yet the voice to trumpet it is loudly mute.

Your thanksgiving lay rolled upon my folded tongue,

Yet the strength to unfold it has simply frozen off.

My worries should never take the place of your glory.

My burdens should never blind me of your supremacy.

My aches & pains should never overshadow your goodness.

But at a point in time,

The human in me overtakes my inner man.

And I just can’t help but cry out loud to You.

I need the strength to carry on.

I need the urge to keep fighting to the end.

I need the boost to stand still.

Issues of this life are giving me upper cuts,

And all I seek at this point is a few seconds of solace

From above to carry on.

Dear Heaven,

Please open up your soothing arms to comfort my weary spirit.

Give me a hug, Heaven

I devilishly need it.

Written by: Dextro