[POEM] Heaven On Earth!

Heaven On Earth!

Many have conceived
Life on Earth is all there is to Heaven.
A such, mortal man’s poor daunting pursuits thus achieved;
To appease himself of any fiery doubts of an “Hell” elsewhere.

What is truth?
Proud Pilate impatiently couldn’t await
The unraveling of this mystery by Truth
Himself when he looked him in the face.

The mysteries of Heaven’s kingdom,
Herein concealed from straying proud men
Of sheer ignorance in God’s kingdom
Is revealed to the repentant contrite.

The heavenly life is for all
Who like children seek for our risen King,
Jesus Christ, King of kings, Lord of all,
Being born again not of flesh, but of the Spirit.

Alas! We, who are His first fruits
Have his life in us now
Simply, we do not imitate Him since He’s in us.
The Kingdom of Heaven is here!

Written by: Emmanuel Boakye-Yiadom