[POEM] Illicit Gossip!

They talked.

Oh yes! They really talked.

What such shameless boldness

And fantasized confessions!

Careless and fearless about tomorrow,

They spoke their hearts out.

An awaited opportunity seemed to have arrived.

Was this too true to be reduced to a dream?

It seemed the sacred gates had been opened

For the flooding waters to break loose.

The “undreamt of” was lived.

In youthful lusts and naivety,

They dared to walk in the sacred garden,

Revealing secrets upon secrets,

Volumes of curious questions, shy to be asked.


The valuable worth of this gossip

Was reduced to a spontaneous sleepless night.

Finally, they had to end the pep talk

A difficult thing for them,

Despite wearied bodies and drowsy eyes.

Who knows what really happened

To these lovers during their lectures?

Though physically distant,

They are now more than intimate.

They had been robbed of their defenses.

After this risky adventure,

I hope their rendezvous was worth it.

Written by: Emmanuel Boakye-Yiadom