[Poem] My God!

My God has hoisted up the world
And bore its weight upon his shoulders
While it was spitting in his face
And driving nails through his limbs like 2x4s.

Who descended from heaven on high
And embarked on a journey unwalkable by human flesh.
Who allowed his body to be hung on a tree
So that you and I might not taste the sting of death.

My God was not meant for sleep,
Nor to be bound by the power of the grave.
My God comes filling cups of unending mercy.
My God comes mighty to save.

Who looked into the eyes of the broken,
Understanding their pain and wiping away their tears.
Who didn’t think a distant God could be grasped,
So he humbled himself and drew near.

My God is not for the perfect and unblemished,
But for the filthy, wicked, and lost.
Who invites you with open arms to approach his table,
For he’s already paid your due with the cross.

Who healed the sick, fed the hungry,
And calmed mighty storms.
Who remained humble through brutal lashings
And reigned wearing a crown of thorns.

My God is the Good Shepherd
And gathers his sheep in his arms.
Who laid down his life
To keep them from harm.

Who came to serve, give grace,
And to pay the price that was due.
My God died for the believer,
But My God also died for you.

Poem Written by Justin Farley