[Poem] Remembering Christ, Our Savior

Remember the rugged cross
On which Christ was crucified.
He, who knew no sin,
Became sin for us and died.

Remember the crown of thorns,
How He was scourged and denied;
His nail-driven hands and feet;
Oh, how He agonized.

Remember, He shed His blood
For the world: you and me.
God’s sacrificial Lamb,
Laid down His life willingly.

Remember His final words,
“It is finished”, He did cry;
He fulfilled all the Law;
God, He did magnify.

Remember the borrowed tomb
Where Jesus’ body lay.
He didn’t stay in the grave,
For He arose the third day.

Remember the mourning women,
Who brought spices and perfume;
All they found were an angel,
Grave clothes, and an empty tomb.

Remember Christ the Lord,
Our Savior, has arisen.
He’s gone to prepare a place,
Our eternity in heaven.

Remember the Lord’s Table,
The cup and unleavened bread;
They represent His broken body,
And the blood that He shed.

Remember to give thanks
And to praise His name always,
As God’s people celebrate
Christ’s Resurrection Sunday.

By Deborah Smith Plemmons.