[Poem] ”Shovels”

Life is a journey but a ship
_For I am a captain of my own fate
_Then, I felt the urge to walk the plank
_’Cause I was insecured and what tomorrow holds for me

_There was no sense of companionship
_But a shadow of my own self
_There was no strong words of ones tongue
_That could be of help

_Yet, behind this smile paints hues of grey
_And my tears poured like torrents of June
_I looked all savage but that of a tamed cat
_Who had no one to pat its back.

_Lonely within the walls of my mind
_But the rope gave me hope
_Saying “you shall find peace”
_”For I will be loved if my existence ceased.”

_”Would this be a victory or a shame?”
_”Or will things be easier as I walk on?”
_”Could this be a scripted lie to the ignorant
_Played by the strings of my selfishness?”

_As I spoke to self , I knew of a curse
_A curse known to be held on a tree
_Which Iscariot smeared himself with
_A voice spoke saying ” don’t give up on tomorrow ”

_His words was like a pillar to my foundation
_That raised me from the pits of death
_Lightened my soul like the pale goddess of the night
_For I was not found beneath the shovels.
Written: yak d’trouvre