[Poem] The Blood Of Christ

Through blood of sheep, they tried in vain
In shame they had to die
Eternal life was not to gain
The price was far too high

Innocent blood would set man free
Would cleanse our filth and shame
But none could claim God’s royal decree
Until Christ Jesus came

Christ’s blood is not of mortal man
But that of God above
Pure; to foil the devil’s plan
Given in perfect love

Upon the cross, Christ died alone
Below, God’s children mourned
But now reigns upon the throne
In glorious light adorned

Each dropp of blood Christ shed that day
God’s power was found within
So through His Son God paved the way
To free us of our sin

The cost of life has long been paid
Through Him alone who could
Christ bore it all with no man’s aid
And paid with God’s own blood

Blood void of shame, but full of light
As only God’s could be
The perfect man had won the fight
And claimed the victory

The blood of God is yet the same
Still strong as on the tree
Who drink of it, in Jesus’ name
The truth will set them free.

Poem by Michael P. Johnson