[POEM] To Lead Is Human!

To love is human

To think is human

To decide is human

To care is human

To lead is human

Eagles soar

Horses neigh

Fishes swim

Wings clutter

Frogs leap

Sun shines

Dogs bark

Children play

Humans lead

I’m gonna tell you my piece of mind

This is what you’re saying

But I think otherwise…

Are all vivid statements of humans

Usually reminding me

We were all born leaders

Yet sadly, many will die as followers

To lead is an action or a doing word

Humans act and do

To lead is human

Why have you assigned leadership to some selected few?

Thinking you do not belong to their class

Are they anymore human than you are?

No one can be more human than you are

Does breathing have to do with your skin’s complexion?

Does eating have to do with how pointed your nose is?

Sleeping must definitely have to do with how plumb you are…

Hmm…only tall lanky folks must be capable of sweating

You were born human

Breathe! Lead!

Live! Lead!

To lead is human!


Though we were born humans

We have to learn to be humane

Though we were all born to lead,

We must catch the spirit of leadership

By learning to lead.

The best way to learn how to lead is to lead,

Choosing the right models.

Leadership is not over people

Leadership must be seen in our areas of giftings

Then followers will seek us.

Trapped in every follower is a leader.

Remember, when they come,

They come to enjoy your fruit,

The excellent gift you’ve harnessed

So they will mature and discover their true selves

Unleashing the leader concealed in their following.

Please don’t deprive the earth of the real you

Please let us see you

Discover yourself! Manifest!

Live! Be! Lead!

To lead is human!


Written by: Emmanuel Boakye-Yiadom

[email protected]