[POEM] Unsung Hits!

In gaiety, melancholy, and apathy,
Paupers’ hurrying footsteps and sceptred sways,
In brevity, strut life’s stage en suite;
Making ends meet by pursuit.

Above, beneath, and by our sides,
We see them throng and business-minded,
Failing to bless, accept, and acknowledge;
Vanquishing this cherished privilege.

Why should worth’s value
Be realized only in absence?
Worry not if song is monotonic
Or not publicly-considered euphonic.

The listener is indebted with the tune’s judgment.
Ours is to gladly sing
Grateful hearts out
Like tea poured from cup’s spout.

This stirring is owed
To so-called factotums and handymen:
Though not for them only;
For all made lonely.

Written by: Emmanuel Boakye-Yiadom