Point of Contact

My elder sister had an issue with her womb. Doctors told her that her cervix had dropped. She could actually feel her cervix rubbing her panties and causing her excruciating pain.

When she initially told me, I suggested she tried some Kegel exercise and get some pain relief medication from her doctor. Since she was in so much pain.

It all happened one early morning. I’m part of a women’s fellowship and we have schedules for different programs. However, there has been a current gathering we have online where you can watch from any part of the world.

During one of the services, the Lady Pastor gave a word of knowledge about God healing a woman whose womb had become loose within her tummy. Knowing what my elder sister was going through, I stood in for her.

Some days later, she called me to give her testimony of being healed. That was when I remembered the prayers I made on her behalf. She even told me that her doctor was extremely shocked at the way her condition had suddenly resolved without medical intervention.

Glory be to God for always meeting us in our times of need.