Possible Causes of Stiff Joints

There have been many factors associated to stiff joints. Some of which include;

  • Growing old(Old Age) – As you get older, your body keeps producing less synovial fluid to help lubricate your bones. For easier movement and this eventually causes bones to stiffen as they keep drying out.
  • Sleeping or being in a position for long periods – Synovial fluids do not work when the body doesn’t move or indulge in activities.
  • Joint Injuries – This happens as a result of overusing or misusing your joints.
  • Physical Exercises – Some strenuous body exercises can result in very painful stiff joints.

You can try some quick remedies to suit your pains. Some include; Applying cold packs, Taking Pain killers, etc.

However, it’s important to seek medical assistance immediately you experience the following;

  • Extreme Pain,
  • Deformed joints,
  • Severe injury,
  • Sudden Swelling,
  • Unable to move joints,
  • Joints are red and warm to touch.