POURING DOWN ☔   (Written by Winston Tackie)


 JOEL 2:28-29 “And afterward,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your old men will dream dreams,
    your young men will see visions.
29 Even on my servants, both men and women,
    I will pour out my Spirit in those days.


The new dispensation of the usual, the unfathomable,  the powerful,  the greatest, and the mighty saints of God has just began.  The move of the Spirit in the Book of Acts was just a foundation to the Greatest Power to come.  The dimension would not be found in the books as Herod inquired of his historians concerning the season and time the Messiah was to come.

This is a new rain.  A rain which is a combination of the “LATTER” and the “FORMER”. It is so nuclear, tangible, and real. It is an undeniable force. For men would ran with the speed of light and overtake.  The curtain between the natural and the spiritual has been brought down. The reality of the supernatural shall be the norm in this dispensation.

Woe unto them that shall miss this rain.  For the Spirit of the Lord shall not strive with man forever. Hunger,  thirst for the infilling of the Living Water of the Holy Spirit.  Nobody,  absolutely no soul shall be with God except they have received  the FULLNESS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.  Many shall go about the usual and miss the “ARK”, as was the day of NOAH

Understand your hour of visitation. Do not flow with the norm.  Do not be too legalistic like the Pharisees.  Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  The fellowship of the Holy Spirit is your only conduit to eternal life. 

Do not break your jar if your ointment is not sweet flavored.  Have a confessional lifestyle.  For none shall receive the rain except their cups be clean. How clean is your cup?  How washed are you in His blood? The Spirit of the Lord says, ” draw nigh to Me and I’ll draw nigh to you”. You keep asking “How?” Repent from your past and embrace an eternal prosperous future.

If you miss this rain. Life will be disastrous. Pain shall be your daily pill. Sadness and sorrow shall be the new trend. For there’s no life outside the Spirit of Christ.

The GREATEST OUTPOURING of all time has began. The church must arise. Arise to catch this rain. It is sad that many shall miss it.  Many are still glued to their norms and traditions. They are too legalistic. They have lifted up their umbrellas ☔. They are defying the rain.

For this is the season where the church shall be greatly attacked. Pulled down, blasphemed, ridiculed, prophets shall be killed by the way side. It is sad for they that do this will think they are doing God a service.

But nobody, no soul, no creation shall please God except by His Spirit. Miss it, and you’ve missed the final trumpet. The trumpet is the Sound of the Spirit, the mighty rushing wind. They that seek God shall find Him and they that live outside the walls shall not find an entrance into the Kingdom. God shall shut His Sanctuary forever. He shall serve His saint on His high table. Merry and joy everlasting await them that know and embrace this season. 

Open yourself up to the final rain of redemption. This is the last rain and it is so mighty.  It is going to shake the very foundation of this earth and the heavens.

The army of angels destined for this season shall collaborate with the saints of God to perform mighty signs and wonders in Jesus name. Yes, this is the Hour of “Greater Works” of the Spirit. Let’s live by the Spirit.

Be full of the Spirit instead of yourself and you shall taste the sweetness of God.  Don’t miss this final rain. It’s a phenomenal rain. It has started. 

The glory shall not sit on unclean temples, so live a holy life and stay pure for God loves purity.  It’s His nature even though He won’t despise an open and contrite heart.  Until you’re broken before Him in humility through prayer and submission, you’ll  be Undiscerning, Unfillable, Unresponsive, and Unlisted into His mighty army. 

The army is set. The time is now, the time is ripe. Be ready. Be yielding.  Be desirous. Catch the rain of the Spirit.  It’s now or never, Amen.


Winston Tackie is a Spirited author whose writings are prophetically inspired to awaken the saints to understand the times and seasons before the coming of Christ.  He emphasizes on the need for all Christians to be filled with the Spirit for life, since without the it is a disaster in waiting.

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