Power In The Word of God


Let’s recognize that the gang-up of darkness against the believer is simply because of the absence of light; but when we graduate from revelation to illumination, the assault of darkness ceases because it cannot stand the power of light.

It has been prophetically declared in this year of ‘From Glory to Glory’, that every winner is entitled to minimum four remarkable change of levels. That is, one every three months after the order of Obededom. However, this is only possible as we walk in and engage the light of God’s Word (2 Corinthians 3:18).

This is because it is the Word of God we receive, believe and engage that delivers our desired turnaround. One way we engage the Word is by speaking it boldly against every situation of concern in our lives. When we speak God’s Word boldly, He confirms it openly. As I have often said, ‘A closed mouth is a closed destiny,’ and one cannot be oppressed and afflicted except with a closed mouth. Therefore, it is time to boldly engage the breakthrough power of the Word against every ‘fig tree’ mocking our glorious destiny in Christ (Isaiah 53:7-8; Mark 1:19-22; Luke 21:15). As we do so, I see God’s prophetic agenda for us this year delivered with speed in Jesus’ name! Remain ever blessed!