VIDEO: Powerful Voice Of A 9 Year Old Gospel Singer

Bismarck Donkor is only nine but everywhere he performs, he gets the same reaction: people are awestruck by the little boy’s great big voice.

The class four pupil of St. Lewis Catholic Primary School at Assin Damang in the Central went viral after videos of him singing gospel songs were posted on YouTube.

The young singer’s story is even sweeter when considering how far he has come in his journey.

Indeed, he sings with a depth of emotion rarely heard from someone so young even his parents are shocked.

His proud parents, Ebenezer and Esther Donkor said he is an old soul, shaped perhaps by personal experiences of the family.

His mother in an interview on explained the difficult road their little boy has walked.

“My uncle drove us out of our family house because of my son’s talent. He claims he has been making a lot of noise with his singing so we were left with no other choice than to leave the house” she bemoaned.

His proud father, Ebenezer Donkor said Bismarck has a vocal range and talent far beyond his years that simply stunned everyone in the community.

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