Practical Instructions For Parents

Pray consistently for your children and grandchildren.

Praying is like planting seeds in a garden. The more you plant the greater the harvest. James tells us that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much (James 5:16). Consistency attracts the attention of God (Luke 18:7). We are told we will reap if we faint not (Galatians 6:9). You may not see the results instantly, but God is faithful with his promises.


Pray for those who are yet to be born.

God often spoke of Abraham’s seed years before his first child was born. God is a planner, always looking into the future. If Abraham paid tithes for Levi hundreds of years before the Levites received tithes, then we can begin speaking and planning in the spirit realm for the blessings of our children and grandchildren. Seek God that not one of your descendants will be lost without Christ. Make a verbal decree that your house shall be saved (Acts 16:31).


Speak blessings over your seed and never speak curses.

Speaking blessings should begin when the child is in the womb. Tell your seed, “You are blessed and highly favored. You are God’s creation.” Say it often and in their presence. Never curse what God has blessed (Numbers 23:8).


Lay hands upon your children and bless them.

It has been proven that touching and hugging produces a more emotionally stable child. Jonathan Edwards would allow his smaller children to sit in his lap each evening as he spent quality time with each child. Jesus blessed the children by laying his hands upon them. This serves as our example.


Fight your spiritual battles with the covenant.

Are you born again? Have you been baptized in water? Are you a giver? Do you seek God in prayer? Do you believe the Bible and practice its spiritual principles? Then you have a covenant with God. The Almighty will stand with you in your day of adversity. Quote scriptures when fighting a battle. Print out copies and hang them in your house. Keep the promises ever before you.


Teach the covenant by example both morning and night.

It is God’s will that you experience the fullness of His covenant promises. It is also His plan that these blessings you are experiencing will flow into the next generation. Set the example in personal prayer. Your “seed” should hear you pray. Set the example by reading the Word with your family. Set the example by being a worshiper in church and by tithing and giving. If we say we believe the written Word, then we must be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only (James 1:23- 25).


Children learn by example. Most children are in school an average of thirty-five hours a week. They watch television an average of twenty-eight hours a week, sleep an average of fifty hours a week, and attend church an average of two hours a week. If you depend upon a church service alone to impact your children, you will fall short. The best example is to observe you in action.

The Catholic Church once said that if they could take a child from birth and train him for the first seven years, that child would remain in the Catholic Church for life. A person’s beliefs for life are established during the first seven to ten years of their life. It is time for you to begin to plant the seed within your seed.
Impart before you depart.


-Imparting Generational Blessings by Perry Stone