Preaching from Pastor Lorraine R.Laryea (The Shepherds Summit 2018- Day 1)


Many people have faced pain, betrayal, rejection, sickness. But the anointing singles them out despite any pain.

The anointing carries the power to destroy yokes and to remove burdens. You can be in the fire and not burn. You must learn to press on for it takes another power to stand firm despite days of tears.

You have been called for such a time as these. So don’t be little yourself. The anointing does the following:

  • Empowers you to fulfill ministry
  • Prepares you for God’s ordained purpose
  • Gives you the oil of gladness
  • Divine direction and transformation
  • To stand and proclaim the Gospel of God
  • Supernatural provision
  • Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Discernment.

Luke 4:18-19 – To fulfill your God’s ordained mandate, you need to thirst and long for the Lord. You can’t have the anointing and remain the same. Your season of brokenness is your time of crossing. An experience is a good teacher. Everything that we go through, has already been predestined before our birth. So don’t think it’s new, for God has already prepared a foundation in you. When the anointing begins to flow, by your consciousness, the problem begins to go. For God builds us for that greater destiny so don’t ever be deceived by the enemy. Go in prayer and have strength, for every challenge we go through, is so that souls can be won.

More anointing means more prices to be paid. The church of Christ, we need to rise up for God is in control. For sometimes we are at peace and alive despite all the struggles. 


  • As you understand the purpose of the anointing, you begin to thirst for the anointing..
  • Whatever you could not do, go and say, we are empowered to arise and go forth to 
  • That thing that looks soo big challenging you from your background, God has programmed you to be able to handle it.
  • Be empowered to search deeper within you for the anointing.
  • May negative shackles be broken for people who are living in fear, broken or worthless and at the verge of giving up.

Song for Worship