#PregnancyTales by #BaabaCofie is a series of fertility and pregnancy – related true life stories of Ghanaian families.

The words that came out of her mouth froze me. “I am 4 weeks pregnant for Dave, your son”. “How is that possible”, I asked. “Dave left Ghana a month ago to pursue his Masters and is definitely not the kind of son who sleeps around”, I yelled at Annette, the lady friend of my son who I assumed was his girlfriend. Many thoughts run through my mind. Is she a gold digger? Is she looking to blame my son and destroy his future? Did she want to create confusion in our family?

Tears welled up in her eyes as she placed her palms on her knees, inched closer to me and pleaded “mummy, I don’t know who else I can talk to. I am so confused. The day Dave left, he asked that I sleep with him one more time. I told I was ovulating but before I knew it, it was over. I should have been more careful. I can’t face my parents. They will be too disappointed.

I didn’t know how I felt. I was so angry and disappointed in Dave and suddenly felt sorry but disappointed in Annette, the National Service lady who was yet to begin a career path. I was disappointed in a son I had raised in the fear of God and trusted to do the right thing. I was upset at this young woman who stood the chance of ruining my dreams for Dave’s future. What about her future? I thought.

“Why did you allow him to do this to you”? I asked Annette. Do you know he may meet someone out there and choose to marry her and not you? If that happens, you would be saddled with a child unplanned for and a career you might have to put on hold for a while. Did you think if you refused him he would leave you? I asked. I needed to understand all this.

Annette was now sobbing uncontrollably. She looked terrified and confused. “That’s why I need your help to get rid of it. Please mummy, I can’t face my daddy with this. I am now searching for a job. I am not ready for this”. This time I felt insulted and wanted to scream again but I knew it wouldn’t help. Annette was obviously desperate.

“Annette”, I said softly, “I cannot sit here and promise to help you abort my grandchild. That’s unchristian and could be unhealthy”. Annette pleaded that I connect her with a doctor friend or pharmacist but I just couldn’t. After an hour and half of discussions, she went home with the resolution that she would have the baby.

Exactly a week after our meeting, Annette called to inform me she had successfully aborted the baby with the help of her big sister who had done same two years before… #PregnancyTales #BaabaCofie #lmbseriesĀ 


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