President of Philippine apologizes to God

Salvador Panelo, the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, was at a dinner meeting with a group of important personalities on 10th July, 2018. Some of which include; Bro.Eddie Villanueva (Founder of Jeus Is Lord Church Worldwide- JILCW), President Rodrigo Duterte (Philippine president), other past presidents, etc.

Five Philippine Presidents meet President Duterte (center) pose with former presidents (l-r) Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Fidel Ramos and Benigno Aquino III in Malacañang on Wednesday 11th July 2018 during the National Security Council meeting. This is the first time all five living presidents met in one occasion. – Rey Baniquet, Malacañang

During the meeting, said he had apologized to God, after making a controversial statement which placed him in a position to call “God Stupid.”

He said: “Sorry, God,”. Salvador Panelo added that, the President also said his God was “all forgiving and all kind” and not one to “create chaos and discredit others.”

A video was released by the Presidential Communications Operations Office on Wednesday 11th July , 2018. Which showed President Rodrigo Duterte calling on religious groups to avoid using the name of God in assaulting the administration . “There is a separation of church and state. Do not use God to attack (the government). That’s not what God wants.”