Preventing In-Law Drama

Marriage is a new path in life with lots of lessons. It makes you apart of new families. And even though you love and respect your parents or guardians. Your spouse becomes the topmost prioritize for life.

However, most parents do not feel okay with the new twist in their children’s lives. Whatever their reasons, parents or the spouse of their children have been very problematic. This has promoted lots of hatred and ill wishes among families. With everyone’s quest to be respected and understood.

The amazing thing about issues of these sort, is that there is always a solution. It is found in the word of God, the Bible. Below are ways to ease family or in-law problems.


  • Honor your parents as well as your spouse’s parents (Ephesian 6:2).

  • Do not feel jealous about the attention your spouse gives to his parents. Try to understand your spouse from his perspective.


  • Find a right time to discuss the involvement of your spouse’s relatives intruding in your marital relationship.
  • Agree on the limits you would make for relatives and respectfully let them know.
  • You can also seek the guidance of an experienced or respected individual. For helpful approaches, since sometimes it can be very overwhelming. This is also a perfect way to calm down. 
  • Learn to forgive and let go. Try finding a nice way of letting relatives who might have offended you know. Whether intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Always look for new opportunities to show honor everyone helping you make your marriage work.
  • Never forget to pray for peace and love among every member of the family.