Principles For Overcoming Hurdles To Prayer – Myles Munroe

principles for overcoming hurdles to prayer by myles munroe

April 14

Today, reflect on the six hurdles to answered prayer:
1.Learning about prayer but not practicing it: We gain a false sense of satisfaction when we learn about prayer but fail to apply it. No amount of knowledge will help us spiritually unless we put it into practice. The best approach to prayer is to pray.

2.Mental assent rather than action: Mental assent agrees with God but does not believe God. A variation of mental assent is “sense knowledge,” which says, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Faith is believing before we see the manifestation of our prayers. If we think just listening to the Word is enough, we are deceived. We must believe the Word and act on it.
3.Hearing the Word but not absorbing it: When we don’t absorb the Word, Satan steals it away to keep it from having an impact on our relationship with God. We absorb the Word by meditating on it.
4.Hoping rather than having faith: Hope can interfere with what God wants to accomplish through prayer when we misapply the biblical definition of hope (future fulfillment) to present-day situations and when our hope is not the biblical kind, but is really just wishful thinking.
5.Praying for faith: When we pray for faith, we pray to believe. Either we believe or we don’t. Such a prayer is really based on unbelief; therefore, it will not be answered. Faith comes and increases as we hear, believe, and obey the Word.
6.Laziness and/or the cares of the world: If we are too lazy to pray, we risk being called a “wicked, lazy servant” (Matthew 25:26) by God in regard to this crucial purpose for our lives. When we allow the concerns of this life to crowd out the practice of prayer, even what we know about prayer will bear no fruit in our lives.
Reading: 1 Samuel 25–26; Luke 12:32–59
-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional