Principles for the Priesthood of Believers – Myles Munroe

February 21
Reflect on these principles today:
1. As believers, we are “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God” (1 Peter 2:9).
2. As God’s priests, we are to intercede for others so they will return to God and be coworkers in His purposes.
3. Ten steps of preparedness for entering God’s presence in prayer are: •Appropriate God’s Grace: Acknowledge God’s holiness, turn from your sins, and be cleansed through the blood of Christ.
• Put on Righteousness: Appropriate the righteousness of Christ through faith. Live in that righteousness, doing what is right by keeping in step with the Spirit.
• Put on Truth and Honesty: Be transparent and clean before the Lord, desiring truth in the innermost parts and living with integrity.
• Cleanse Yourself with the Word: Before you come before God, make sure that you’ve read the Word and that you are obeying the Word.
• Worship and Praise God: Honor and worship God in spirit and in truth (see John 4:24–24), acknowledging Him as your all in all.
• Separate Yourself: Leave your normal environment, activities, and distractions. Find the place in God where He meets you, coming to Him with the right heart, attitude, and motives.
• Believe: Have faith in God’s power to keep His promises and in the effectiveness of Christ’s sacrifice.
• Give God the Glory: Acknowledge that God provided for your atonement and reconciliation, and is worthy to be praised.
• Wash in the Word: Ask God to fulfill His purposes based on His will and promises.
• Remain in the Anointing: Remain in a state of preparedness for prayer. Honor the Lord by reflecting His nature in your life.
Reading: Numbers 1–2; Mark 3:1–19
-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional