Principles of Authority in Prayer – Myles Munroe

January 31
Today, reflect on these principles of authority in prayer:
1. God’s plan of redemption is consistent with His character and purposes. He redeemed man while keeping man’s free will and earthly authority intact.
2. Through Christ we are restored to our purpose, and through Him we have a right to pray with authority.
3. As the Second Adam, Christ is the image of God, exhibits a relationship of love with God, lives to do God’s will, and reigns as King of the earth and Judge of mankind.
4. Christ reclaimed our earthly authority in these ways: •Jesus came as a man. Thus He was a qualified Representative of earthly authority.
•Jesus was perfectly obedient and sinless. As the Son of God, He restored man’s relationship with the Father by overcoming sin and death through His sacrifice on the cross.
•Jesus rose victoriously. He was qualified to defeat sin and Satan, regain authority over the earth, and be its rightful King.
5. The position and authority that Jesus won have been returned to mankind through spiritual rebirth in Christ. (See John 3:5.)
6. When we do not live in our position of authority, it is because we do not recognize or accept our calling in Christ, because we do not know our covenant rights.
7. Man’s redemption allows him to have dominion. This means that Satan and sin have no authority over us; we have access to the Father and authority through Jesus’ name, and we have authority through the Word of God.
8. Jesus is our model of dominion authority. What He accomplished on earth, He accomplished in His humanity, even though He was also divine. He relied on the grace and Spirit of God, as we can.
9. Our right to pray comes from both our calling in creation and our redemption in Christ.
Reading: Exodus 25–26; Matthew 20:17–34
-Daily Power and Prayer Devotional