Principles of Purpose for Prayer – Myles Munroe

January 19
Today, reflect on these principles of purpose:
1. God is a God of purpose, and His purposes are eternal.
2. God created mankind with a desired purpose, for a desired purpose.
3. God desired offspring with whom He could share a relationship of love, rule, and dominion.
4. God created mankind in His image, with His nature and moral character, and with a free will.
5. God gave mankind the freedom to function with legal authority on earth. He placed His will for the earth on the cooperation of man’s will. This purpose never changed, even after the fall of mankind.
6. God’s will is His purpose for mankind. To fulfill what we were created to be and to do, we must desire to do God’s will.
7. Prayer is an expression of mankind’s unity and relationship of love with God. It is also an expression of mankind’s affirmation of and participation in God’s purposes.
8. Prayer is the involvement of one’s whole self with God.
9. Prayer is the medium through which the human spirit affects and is affected by the will and purpose of the divine Creator.
10. Prayer is not optional. It is essential for the fulfillment of God’s purposes on earth.
11. By praying, man gives God the freedom to intervene in earth’s affairs.
12. When we know and obey God’s will, and ask Him to fulfill it, He will grant our request.
13. When Adam and Eve broke relationship with God, their effectiveness in prayer was compromised. True prayer is maintained through oneness of heart and purpose with God.
Reading: Genesis 46–48; Matthew 12:24–50
-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional