[Profile] Meet Daniel Annan!

Daniel Annan is the lead publishing consultant and CEO at Print Innovation, a young and thriving print and publishing company in Accra, Ghana, with over a decade of rich experience in the same field.

He is the last of 6 children and comes from a family, where education is key. Schooling was therefore a priority.

After completing St. Thomas Aquinas high school, where he studied science, he did not get his first course choice, and so opted for Publishing Studies at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where he graduated with a BA degree in that field.

Though he was in the same class with students who had a creative arts background, he topped the class after first year.

“Considering your science background, how did you sail through?”  annan

“Fear spared me on. You know, I was told that if I failed, I would be miserable for the rest of my life. And bearing in mind the kind of family I came from, I couldn’t disappoint anyone. Hence, I was always in the library studying.”

“So did you have time to socialize at all?”

“I must confess I was a little ‘antisocial.’ The only social activity I was engaged in was church, prayer meetings, and “gospel explosion,” because I used to sing.”

In his third year at KNUST, he had the chance to do his industrial internship at Combert Impressions Ltd. He was there for 4 months.

“What was the major turning point in your studies?”

“Well, at final year, a senior college advised me to major in ‘Printing Technology,’ because back then, not many were into it. I think this decision exposed me to the fine details of printing. I am glad I heeded to that advice.”

During his 4th year, He used his student loan to buy a PC and started designing wedding stationary among others. He also did some jobs for churches.

After school, he had the opportunity once more to do his national service at “Combert Impressions” and was subsequently retained. He worked with them for 7 years, serving as Assistant Head of Operations and Head of Publications Department, before leaving to pursue his own dream – Print Innovation. img-20160919-wa0013

Print Innovation is into print management, corporate identity, marketing materials, signs and banners, corporate gifts, publishing etc. You can visit www.print-innovation.com for more details.

Their slogan “OUTSTANDING, EXCEPTIONAL, SUPERB” was coined by he and his wife, Sheila. They are blessed with two children.

Daniel recently published his maiden book, “Innovative secrets to publishing your dream book,” and launched it at a conference dubbed, “Author-preneurship.” book-3d

He is a regular guest on the popular radio show ‘’Gospel Book Review’’ on Sweet Melodies FM, one of Ghana’s favourite Christian radio stations.

Daniel is a thought leader, entrepreneur, author and idea generator. He is a self-motivated professional infinitely passionate about anything innovative and life-changing.

By VickieAmoah