Profile of Bishop Eddy Addy

Bishop Eddy Addy is one of three Assisting Bishops at the Quodesh-Lighthouse Chapel International (LCI). He has faithfully worked with the founder of LCI, Bishop. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills for over 30 years.

He is blessed with a strong teaching anointing, with a ministry emphasis of Pastoral Training, Leadership Development and Mentorship. He is regularly a guest speaker and facilitator at several conferences and camp meetings both within and outside the LCI denomination.

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He is currently the senior pastor at the Airport Branch of the Lighthouse Chapel International. He is married to Lady Pastor Adina Addy with their two children, John-Dag and Anne-Marie.

Bishop Eddy Addy has oversight over the full-time ministry as well as the Worldwide Lay Bible Schools of Lighthouse Chapel International.