Profile of Upcoming Artiste Sylk Jay

Sylk Jay as popularly known in the music circles in real name is called Joshua Ayitey Abormegah. Sylk Jay is a young professional with a Journalistic and Communication background and a passionate christian with a strong desire to make the power and the name of Jesus be made know to the world through his music talents.

Having used his God given talent as service in the house of God and beyond, God has laid on his heart the need to come up with his third single dubbed “Eagles Wings” to preach message of hope and faith to people who are particularly challenged with the storms of life.

Professionally, “Eagles Wings” comes after “The Unveiled” “Ebe God” respectively as these singles have also caught up and mesmerized people’s attention as the messages sent through these songs are very re- sounding and highly spiritual as many call it. Sylk Jay the UK based artist promises to be an artist to look out for in the christian domain as many christian denominations in and out of UK have endorsed his twist and style of approach of sending the gospel of Jesus accross the general public.

In a brisk interview with sylk, one of his greatest desire is to turn the heart of secular artist to start gearing their lyrics towards magnifying God. Adding, He said music is powerful and has the ability to influence so if possible he is making an appeal to upcoming artist as well as the already baked celebrities in secular to use that image given to them by God to attract people to the christiandom as this will be his greatest fulfilment.

Moreover as his music style is just targeted towards the youth, it had amazingly broken the boundaries and now impacting the older generation as many are calling and encouraging more of this innovative style of music.

Early days of my childhood I had an amazing vocal of which I sang only gospel and love songs as part of my hobbies until I got glued to circular rap songs at some point, so I stopped singing gospel and did just circular rap.

There was a time school officials needed students to form a choir to sing at a ceremony and because I used to sing gospel in class I was asked to join. Unfortunately during rehearsals I figured I had lost my sweet vocals which got me worried because I didn’t know what went wrong. Long story short I decided to stop singing and rapping for good.

Somewhere in 2015 I was listening to a sermon by Bishop Agyinasare speaking about how we are going to account for the gifts God placed in us and also how we used it to impact others. The message really hit me even though I was in a Gospel dance crew (dance shop) by then. Amazingly it was also during that time that I was also trying to get some folks to switch from circular to gospel Rap and those doing gospel Rap not to go back to circular.

Although the journey wasn’t easy for them, they have been trying to get me to do music but I always gave them excuses until one day, one of them came to me saying he wants to quit gospel because he didn’t have support. I don’t know what happened but I just felt in my spirit that I have to be that support he needs so I told him not to quit because I wanna go back to rap music.
And that’s how I started my music journey.

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