This shall be your year of unusual speed!
You will never know the meaning of sickness all through 2016!
You are going from glory to glory!
Your generation is blessed!
That seemingly small business of yours will be a household name in the name of Jesus!
Every form of misfortune around your life is destroyed in Jesus’ name!
Your ordeal with that sickness is turned to a testimony in Jesus’ name!
You shall be walking in greater weights of glory in the name of Jesus!
Every terminal disease in your body is destroyed by the anointing in the name of Jesus!
Every devil that dares you comes under a curse!
For everyone who is yet to locate their career path, this week, your destiny is opening up!
Receive fresh enduement to the realm of obedience!
Receive grace to walk in obedience to every instruction from God!
This week is declared your week of testimonies!
Your year is come! (Isaiah 63:4)