Prophetic Message- Day 2 of Shepherds Summit “The Anointing”

Memory Verses: Luke 4:18-19/ Mark 5.


The anointing is a spiritual substance which inherently contains God’s power.

Joyce Meyer says; It is the key to living in God’s power. 

There is something on your life, that the enemy fears.

Jesus operated in the 5 fold ministry. Jesus commanded the disciples to wait until they receive power. If you have the anointing, the prophetic oil, it does not matter wherever you are, you will surely be located.

Purpose of the anointing

  • To enable you preach the good news.
  • Make you a messenger to the lost.
  • Recovery of the blind.
  • Release prisoners and the oppressed.
  • To proclaim the year of Lord’s favor.

Types of  Power Prophetic Anointing

“Greatness of His POWER

  • Dunamis: miraculous power / mighty power.
  • Kratos: dominion / a ruling power.
  • Exeusia: authority / influence.
  • Iscsuo.

7 signs of power demonstrated by Jesus in the book of John

  • Turning water into wine
  • Healing of son
  • Healing of the lame
  • Feeding the multitude
  • Walking over water
  • Healing the mad man
  • Healing the woman with the issue of blood
  • Healing the centurion’s man


  • Wherever i go it shall be well with me.
  • I receive greater works by virtue of the anointing.
  • I receive fresh fire and power.
  • God use me to do unusual miracles.
  • Let me be activated when i see people in need.
  • I prophecy and declare the word of God.
  • I receive a fresh oil, and a prophetic activation that this generation would see greater wonders that the past ones through me.

Acts 19/ Ephesians 6– God alone demonstrating His power.            

Acts 28:8- Where you stand determines how you understand it. Paul was a man sent from God.

Anointing is to meet needs. What activates you is what you are called into. Your pastor can’t stop you from operating in the prophetic. You can die broke, if you don’t use it. The bigger your give, the bigger your room. A man’s gift is what makes room for him. Your future is in the gift you have for it is given by God. The future of your ministry and everything you need is in your gifts and the anointing.

The first bishop of Malta was a billionaire. Though he was an unbeliever, he provided Paul with everything as were necessary (seed/sacrifice/offering) because he healed his father.  If a man shall sow spiritual things, he can access anything. Your problem is yourself  and until you sow your gifts, you won’t receive what you need.