Purpose of a Heroine

Purpose of a Heroine by myles munroe
July 19

Corrie ten Boom was fifty years old when the Nazis invaded her native Holland. Up to that time, she had lived an obscure life with her sister as they helped their father run his watch shop and quietly but devotedly practiced their Christian faith. After Holland fell, she and her family were confronted with the reality of the Nazis’ persecution and murder of the Jews. Through this crisis, they discovered their purpose: preserving the lives of Jews and others persecuted by the Nazis by hiding them in a secret room in their home. Their passion was so strong that they risked their own lives for its fulfillment.


Corrie and several of her family members were eventually turned in. Corrie’s father died in prison and her sister died in a concentration camp. After suffering in prison, a work camp, and a concentration camp, Corrie was about to be executed when she was released on a clerical error. After her release, Corrie found a new purpose. Traveling around the world, she told her story and urged people to find healing and freedom through forgiveness. This purpose was
severely tested when she encountered one of the former guards who had beaten her beloved sister. He didn’t recognize her, but he had heard her message and been moved to change his life through the hope of forgiveness. He came and extended his hand to her. Corrie underwent intense inner struggle, but her passion was even stronger than her pain, and she offered her own hand in forgiveness.

Father, thank You for the testimony of women like Corrie ten Boom who were driven by a passion to serve You. May I have this type of passion in my own life. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Thought: When your passion for Christlikeness is stronger than your pain, you can forgive your worst enemy.


Reading: Psalm 23–25; Acts 21:18–40


-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional (Myles Munroe)