Purpose of Quiet-Times

    Ese’s Morning Pills💊

    📢Dear All, I strongly believe that the only way any Christian can grow is by having his 📖quiet time everyday. It can be at 🌤day time and 🌝night time which is more like 🍲eating from the Table of the Lord which has the 👍🏾best nutrients for our spiritual growth. 👏🏾

    ✋🏾Wait a minute..Not just having the quiet time by reading the devotional but 🤔studying the key scripture of the write-up for that day. 🔎Look it up in the 📖Bible and 🔎read every word with understanding.👌🏾

    👉🏾The Holy Spirit Himself.. The Teacher who helps me out every morning will remove the 👰🏻veil from your 👀eyes and 💁🏾give you a deep revelation of a 📖Scripture you always read but this time with a different message.

    ✌🏾Another way to grow spiritually is to obey God at all times no matter the conditions. Obedience is one means which catches God’s attention.

    ✅Total obedience and not partially.. 100% surrendering of our will and emotions to God in submission to His Will for our lives because He is the Good Shepherd and He knows what’s good for us and how one little act of 👎🏾disobedience can change the🙆🏾 course of our destiny, delay it or even 🙅🏾abort it completely.. just take a cue from Mr & Mrs. 👱🏽Adam & 👩🏻Eve who used to live in the Garden of Eden but were ejected. Their act of disobedience affected the whole race of mankind.😔
    But 💃🏽thank God the Grace has cleared the debt and sealed the deal.👯

    Esenam Abra Drah✍🏼