‘Be Clear About Your Purpose’

Purpose before Production by myles munroe
Heads of organisations and team leaders have been charged to have a clear purpose in their pursuit of achieving their organizational goals.
It is imperative for people to define their purpose and outline their action plan so as to become authentic leaders.
The call was made by the Managing Director (MD) of Unilever Ghana Limited Mrs Maidie Elizabeth Arkutu when she addressed marketing practitioners at a lecture organised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) in Accra on Tuesday.
The lecture was on the theme “Authentic Leader: The True Path of Being A great Leader.”
According to Mrs Arkutu, improved performance by organizations could only be achieved with leaders who are self-aware with an intense work of self examination and individuation.
The Unilever MD said the time had come for authentic leaders to help groom up and coming leaders by mentoring them to help shape a better economy which will not be bedeviled with corruption and ills that kill industry.
“In this era when we talk about an authentic leader, this is somebody who has a clear purpose in his life and his career and therefore whatever he does you will found out that they are able to deliver better performance. So that might give you that slight edge over your competitors that might give you that slight edge to perform better than even before,” she said.
Mrs Arkutu pointed out that one way to fight corruption was to bring up or train responsible leaders who will be honest in their dealings in the country and the corporate world.
According to her, authentic leaders are positive people with truthful self-concepts who promote openness.
She believed that mentoring leaders should be the most important ingredient in all organizations which can maintain institutional memory in supporting succession plan of companies.
“So if you have a whole series of leader’s authentic leaders in this country all doing their best all giving their company that extra edge, all grooming the teams behind them can you imagine the force that we will have this nation. That will definitely go to accelerating the growth of these nation I believe.”
According to her, leaders have the capacity to inspire and empower others but then they must first be willing to devote themselves to their personal growth and development as leaders.
-The Finder