Putting Prayer into Practice – Myles Munroe

February 20
Today, let’s take time to think about how we currently enter into prayer. We should ask ourselves some heartfelt questions: In what attitude or manner do I approach God in prayer? Am I being casual about the sin in my life, without regard for God’s holiness? Do I think I can get God to hear my prayers by doing good deeds—or do I come to Him through Christ alone? What does it mean to be a member of the priesthood of believers? Do I rejoice that I can enter God’s presence because of Christ’s sacrifice?
I encourage you to practice what you have learned about how to come into God’s presence. Before you pray, review the ten steps for entering and remaining in the presence of God. See what steps you may be omitting and which areas you need to correct. Finally, consider your special God-given role as priest, or intercessor, before God on behalf of the world. Let that knowledge guide how you pray.
Now, let’s pray together:
Heavenly Father, Your Word says that the pure in heart are truly blessed, because they will see You. We want to enter into Your presence. We want to be in the place where You meet us. Guide us to that place. Forgive us for being careless and unthinking in the way we approach You. We acknowledge that You are a holy and righteous God. We receive the cleansing of our sins through the blood of Jesus. We worship You in humility and love. Thank you for the privilege of entering confidently into the place where You dwell, because of the atonement Your Son made on our behalf. We pray this in the name of Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away all our sin. Amen.
Thought: “You…are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood.”
Reading: Leviticus 26–27; Mark 2
-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional