Read how you can react to your dreams

Dreams are the spiritual communication of God to men. It’s also a revelation of life.

Most dreams tells much about the circumstance you face or gives a direction and also provides a solution to both physical and spiritual issues.

What dream have you had and how did you receive the message it delivers?

Sometimes the devil uses dream to also destroy something good in our lives, implant fear and sickness and also misdirect our steps to life.

There are some dreams that are true. It reflect physically in reality as it was in the dream. But others do not but just a Fallacy.

It is very important to pray about every dream you have being it evil, good or bad. You could perhaps fast on that very day to rebuke or receive the impact it could have on you.

NEVER panic or have fears about your dreams being it scary, evil, negative or positive. It is the spiritual activities of your life or even the spiritual plans of God or the devil against your life. How you receive it determines the effect on you. You either reject or claim it by standing upon the word of God to pray on the exact moment you wake up from the dream.

There are times some dreams can’t even be remembered, dreams are spiritual sickness. It is the network the devil uses to block your spiritual forecast to life beyond the physical.

Those unforeseen dreams you had would occur in your life one day. It takes time, days, months and years, for the unexpected to happen.

The devil uses time and patience to destroy good deeds as God takes time and patiently does things, never be deceived as being free from the devil because they work with strategy. They have monitored and calculated your life since day one of your existence. They are imitators of God and like whatever God likes.

Most of the things that happens in life are mostly revealed in dreams but because we don’t remember or take into considerations to pray about it, it meets us physically. Whether you remember your dreams or not, still pray and ask God to take possession and control over any dreams you had as you slept.

There are people who had revelations about their married partners, business, residence, work, helpers and even friends through dreams that they met in reality which has made their dreams come through. Others also had negative dreams about their life that they took for granted which have gotten them into a mess now.

Some of these dreams gives us precautions to our lives or something we intend to do. Others too are in a form of motivations and a start- up to our greatness. Some also tortures you to do extraordinary things in life.

Don’t neglect dreams! It is real, true and existing because they are messages that speaks to us always. Sometimes it could be the voice of God or the devil but all you needs to do is to pray!